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DF Bakery has been proudly baking and serving the Central Florida community since 1996.

Who We Are

DF Bakery was founded in 1996 by Ran and Sophie Sacagiu. On July 14th 2008, we moved our operations into our newly built State-of-the-Art facility. We bake, and deliver ourselves, succulent Breads, Breakfast Pastries, and Cakes Components – 6 days per week in the Central Florida area. We have acquired a great reputation in Orlando based on our consistent quality and impeccable service, while keeping our prices very fair.

About Us

Our Ingredients

All of our breads are made in house fresh 6 days per week using only top quality ingredients, unbleached & unbromated flours (our flour is especially milled just for us – our special blend uses the best wheat stocks on the market), Virgin Olive Oil & AA butter.

All of our breakfast pastry doughs are made in house. We laminate all of our doughs with 25% AA butter – Danish & Croissants doughs. We also make Cake Components, Cookies and Sugar Dough.

There is no secret in making top quality breads and pastries;
Time, Patience, Expertise & Top Notch Ingredients!
Vive la Difference!

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